Crep Protect Spray • 200ml.

Varekode: 634041549817

Crep Protect Spray • 200ml.

Varekode: 634041549817

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Crep Protect 200ml. spray box
The Ultimate Rain and Stain Resistant Barrier

With one application of the Spray, shoes have up to 4 weeks of protection from liquids. Protect up to 12 shoes with 1 can of CP Spray today.

The O.G. of the Crep Protect line-up – Crep Protect Spray.
Imagine a time before Crep Protect, when you’d spill some liquid on your shoes and that might as well be the end of your fresh out of the box look.

We hit the lab with one intention – keep liquids from ruining your shoes so you can maintain your style and maintain your fresh for as long as possible. We came out of the lab with the one and only Crep Protect Spray. One can is able to keep up to 12 pairs of shoes protected from liquids for up to 4 weeks, and whether your shoes are suede, nubuck, or canvas, your kicks are protected by an invisible layer of total liquid protection.

As a great man once said – we can show you better than we can tell you! Try Crep Protect Spray for yourself and see what the fuss is about.