Dart Split 162cm

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Dart Split 162cm

Varekode: 1220180

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Dart Split

The split version of our dear Dart is great for drawing fresh soul turns in soft snow be it powder, corn, or slush. Although soft snow is its preferred environment it performs surprisingly well in harder conditions. The wide frame, along with its setback and taper, offers maximum float and a relaxed riding experience in deep conditions. The extra width also reduces toe and heel drag, enabling low carves on hardpack snow. The swallowtail offers playfulness out the back, but still has the stability and torsion you need to hold an edge throughout turns. Two extra edges on the inside and a split-specific flex pattern offer perfect grip in climb-mode and when crossing icy passages. It features Union clips, nose and tail hooks, and the voile insert pattern (most widely used in the industry). The nose holes secure our U-Hook skin mounting system. The Dart Split is the perfect shape for riders who are looking to focus on their turning style in the backcountry, while driving out of turns with max speed.



Our smooth FLOAT CAMBER curves into a rocker shape in the nose area creating an S-like shape. This design gives you the lift you need in deep powder, improving float while maintaining speed throughout the whole turn. It also offers response and stability when going for airs or simply turning in variable conditions.









Length (cm) 162 (A)
Effective Edge (mm) 1230 (B)
Running Length (mm) 1090
Nose Width (mm) 325 (C)
Waist Width (mm) 275 (D)
Tail Width (mm) 302 (E)
Avg. Sidecut Radius (m) 8,6
Setback (mm) 20
Taper (mm) 23
Recommended Stance (cm) 55
Adjust. Stance Range (cm) 50 - 64
Board Weight (kg) 3.5
Flex (1-10) 7
Float (1-10) 8
Switch Riding Challenging
Rider Weight (kg) 60 - 95
Boot Size (EU) Up to ~ 49
Camber Float Camber


Topsheet UV Lacquer
Fiberglass Biaxial
Core Poplar Light
Base Material P-TEX 2000 Sintered
Base Construction Classic
Finish Beltgrind
Edges Steel
Shape Directional

 Size Guide
This chart shows the range in what each size can handle. It is never our intention to categorize riders and their preferences. Our philosophy of snowboarding is to try new shapes, lengths, widths, and to keep an open mind for alternative riding experiences; however, we do have some limits to consider so that your board will work as it was designed to.

Your weight plays a major role in how the board will flex, and your shoe size will affect toe and heel drag when turning. The below size chart is for reference only, as our recommendations may vary depending on your stance and riding ability.

Size (cm) Max Boot Size (EU) Max Boot Sole Length (cm) Rider Weight Range (kg) Max Rider Height (cm)
162 49 32 cm 65 - 95 kg 195 cm