Vimana Snowboards | Established 2014

Our mission is simple, pure freestyle snowboarding.
For us, good times on a snowboard can happen in your local park, traveling the globe or jibbing your own backyard.
We mix high end engineering with clean cut scandinavian design bringing you the ultimate freestyle machines.

Vimana is fronted by riders like Markku Koski, Fredrik Austbø, Enni Rukajarvi, Brage Richenberg and Werni Stock along with AM riders Thomas Iversen, Saku Tiilikainen and Aapo Enqvist. - You also find legendary ripper Michi Albin shredding around on Vimana`s.
- All graphics and artwork by Peter-John de Villiers / Theshallowtree

Det finnes ingen produkter som svarer til valgene.