Karakoram Story.

We are mountain people. We are innovators. We are the builders of our products. Our designs and products are born from our mountain experiences. We are as passionate about our gear as we are about the mountains. We build products that we use. The belief that there is always a better way fuels our drive to create . Even though we are setting new industry standards with our products- we know we can make them even better and we will. We take pride in building each product as if it were our own gear. Our products are built with our own hands. By riders for riders. We love the mountains. We love creating. We love building our products in North Bend, Washington

My twin brother Tyler and I (Bryce) founded Karakoram in February 2008 to follow our dream of combining our careers with our shared passion for the mountains. Skiing and snowboarding has always been a part of our lives, starting skiing at the age of 3 and eventually moving on to snowboarding in the late ’80s. Our first glimpse into backcountry exploration came about when we were in high school and had just started teaching snowboarding at Alpental Ski Area in Washington state. Since then we’ve been hooked.

Both Tyler and I have degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington, AASI Level III Snowboard Certifications, a combined 30+ years of mechanical design experience and a lifetime of skiing and snowboarding. With our education and experience we have set out to push backcountry gear to the next level, starting with the Split30 splitboard system in 2009.

In August 2011, we announced our partnership with Jeremy Jones. Jeremy’s backcountry experience and knowledge will help continue the evolution of the Karakoram splitboard interface

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    Womens Prime SL, Split Interface

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    Womens Prime Connect

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