157-162cm, Tranny & Escalator Skins

Varekode: 9120074258433

157-162cm, Tranny & Escalator Skins

Varekode: 9120074258433

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Our KORUA Skins are fully customized and “ready to go” with your KORUA Splitboard.

The updated Mix Mohair line (65% Mohair, 35% Nylon) was developed by experts from KOHLA in Austria for everyday use, and is focused on the balanced combination of excellent grip and selected gliding. Our team wanted the perfect product for touring in deep powder, spring conditions, on-piste, or glacier. The better durability and abrasion of the Mix Mohair, as opposed to pure mohair, helps us achieve these results!

The impregnated material works to minimize calk build up for top glide performance. Repeated application of the Dry Climb Treatment ensures longevity of your climbing skins.

The front U-Hooks are secured in the pre-cut holes of our splitboards, and the length-adjustable rear hooks engage in pre-cut notches in the tail of our splitboards.

Model Skin Size
Escalator 152 - S
Pencil 147 - S
Transition Finder 150 - S
Escalator 157 - M
Escalator 162 - M
Transition Finder 157 - M
Pencil 164  - L
Dart 162 - XL